Let the Dating Diaries begin!

Two girls, one house, and too many relationship issues to count: Welcome to the Dating Diaries! It’s like a reality TV show, except better, because the television is all words and you have to accept everything we say as the gospel truth. See? So much more pliable than actual, filmed real life.

Seriously, though. The goal here is to be as truthful and accurate as possible, while still humorous — because who doesn’t like watching people fall on their faces? — as Nova and I challenge ourselves to actually tackle the miasma that is known as Dating in the Modern Age. Don’t worry; we’re horrible at it. If there’s a mistake to be made, we’ll make it. Which means reading this blog could be educational! Or just entertaining, which is what we’re actually going for. If we inspire you to be entertained by your own dating drama, then — wow. That would be something. But if we only make you laugh — at us or with us, both are fine — then we’ll have achieved our goals.

To start, a brief introduction. I’ll let Nova introduce herself in this context, though you already know her as the fantasy romance writer who started this blog. We’re both writers, and we both have lots of experience with the short story, although Nova is doing the awesome writer thing and expanding her talents to the novel while working to make her words support her, while I’m keeping writing in the hobby realm and teaching high schoolers to put food on the table. (My high schoolers are awesome. I love it.) We met in college, courtesy of a mutual friend, and are currently sharing a dwelling while we experiment with how much Adulting is required to succeed in life. (The answer: Too much. Way, way too much.)

And me? I’m an honest-to-goodness 23-year-old who has never had a serious relationship, can count the number of dates she’s had on one hand, and has recently come out to herself as not only a lesbian — although there’s that — but also as someone who is, gasp, possibly interested in actually having a relationship. As a perfectionist who likes pretending that she has everything put together, the idea of being vulnerable around someone else and taking a chance on something that might not succeed makes me feel like my stomach has been replaced by a bag of claustrophobic kittens. But all of my experiences, educational and otherwise, tell me that you don’t get anywhere without taking a chance, so with Nova’s prompting, I’m working on taking that chance this year, online dating profile and enhanced self-knowledge in hand. I look forward to telling y’all all about it.

Oh, and you should know: I’m a pseudonym. I teach 9th and 10th graders. They do not need to know all about my relationship struggles when they google my name. But rest assured that all the rest of the details are as truthful as my dedication to fancy words and poetic expression will allow. After all, you’re the anonymous internet, and I’m just a pen name. I can actually be truthful here in a way that is sometimes stymied by the social pressures of real life. So look out, all. Painful truths and unreserved reflections ahead.

In this series, you can expect to see melodrama. Expect questions. Expect worries, and experiments, and triumphs, and failure. (Who am I kidding? Expect massive, monumental failure.) Expect humor, tragedy, and tragicomedy together as we work to figure out Dating, Adulting, and Life. Enjoy, as you come along for the ride!

Let the Dating Diaries begin.

(Is that too Hunger Games to be our tagline? Oh, dear. Wish us luck! I think we’re going to need it.)


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