GHOSTS! Ghosts of Procrastination in the Auto-Post!

To borrow a phrase from Tim Federle, “Open Question”: If a scheduled post about overcoming procrastination procrastinates about posting itself, do you consider that a fail or an epic win?

Nova scheduled her post about moving anxiety for 6am today. Spoiler: That post is about taking the plunge and doing the thing you’ve been terrified to do in the hopes that action will be better than inaction. And then the post moved backwards in time, actively attempting not to publish itself. 

I have a strange addiction to calendars, so I checked in yesterday to see when it was scheduled to post. It said noon of today. Puzzling over the change, we set it back to 6am. 

This morning, no post. A quick check at 7am said it was scheduled to post in an hour. 

At 8am, no post. Another check-in said it was scheduled to post in two hours. 

Now, Nova has lots of sympathy for procrastination. She operates on something we’ve playfully dubbed “social time” — she adjusts her sense of time depending on what’s going on around her. I…don’t. 

I mean, sure, I’ll wait for a friend to be ready before driving away. I’ll also bite my nails and tap my toes and note the passage of each and every minute. I’m that friend. 

So you can probably guess the end to this story. I pushed post, practically without stopping to ask Nova. Take that, auto-scheduler!

Nova swears she wasn’t procrastinating her procrastination post. I’m inclined to believe her. So what do you think, readers? Tech spasm? Cosmic warning? Or have the ghosts of procrastination crept into the WordPress technology, picking up on subliminal messages and preventing even the description of the stressful move to be depicted?

Personally, I’m going with #3. Anyone know any good exorcists?


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